A Welcome from Senior Contributing Writer

By Frank Grieco

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The New Floridian. As a Senior Contributing Writer, I would like to kick off this issue telling you about where I intend to focus my efforts over the course of the rest of this year.

Florida has been my home for over two and a half decades. I have experienced first hand Florida's rapid development and have gone through my personal struggles and successes here. My experiences have spawned my interests in economics and government, which leaves me great room for topic selection since they intertwine with so many aspects of our lives.

My desire is to write articles of relevance to citizens of the state, usually with an economics grounding. My primary focus will be on the economy, but may stray based on the comments, requests, and suggestions of the readership. Therefore, I will cover other topics as a consequence of your input, so please join this journey with me and let's explore the issues that matter the most to you. Thanks & Enjoy reading.

Anna Eskamani Runs for Florida House

By Jennifer Lawson

Anna V. Eskamani announced in July 2017 that she is running for Florida House District 47. Situated in the Orlando area, Eskamani aims to take back the House seat from Republicans.

Not your ordinary candidate, Eskamani has a long, strong history of activism and advocacy in the state. Read my article on Eskamani here.



Editor's Corner

By Jennifer Lawson

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of The New Floridian, an online magazine that is Florida based with a global reach.

We aim to bring you the best of Florida. But we also aim to be relevant globally. We will cover, especially, politics, education, book reviews, poetry, art, and health and wellness. We will include interviews.

Welcome to The New Floridian.

Featured Artist: Laura Buckley

I mean for these images to symbolize vulnerability and impermanence and the noble, human struggle to find the good in all things. These concepts became less powerfully abstract to me days after these photographs were taken.

-Laura Buckley