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A TED Talk by Nicolas Michaud

At The New Floridian, we're excited that Nicolas Michaud is joining us as a vlogger! Watch his TED Talk.

Spicy Turmeric Super Shot

By Rhonda Newsome


● 1-2” knob of ginger

● 1” knob of turmeric

● 1 half lemon

● 1 ounce coconut water, almond or coconut mylk

● 1 dash of black pepper


1. Add the ginger, turmeric and lemon into your juicer. Process.

2. Combine fresh juice with coconut water or mylk. Garnish with black pepper.


Its WINTER! In Florida that means it is 60 degrees! My heat is on and everyone is busting out hoodies scarves and hats! Winter means sniffles, colds and sometimes the flu! In my home, we call this shot the flu shot-it’s our orange miracle that bucks up your immune system and gives you street cred if you can do it all in one go!

This shot is spicy!

Turmeric and ginger are both known for their immune boosting, anti-inflammatory properties! This shot will clear out your sinuses and boost your immune system! Lemon is detoxifying and the black pepper helps your body process the curcurmin in turmeric.

Thankful for Thanksgiving

By Frank Grieco

Thanksgiving conjures up different images for many families; however, for me, the holiday is just about getting together with family and enjoying a great meal. Last Thanksgiving was a very memorable one for me. I was fortunate enough to have visited my 99 year old Grandma at a nursing home. She was a little shocked to see me since I rarely visit, but it was not long before she was telling me how she and my great grandmother were so happy to have attended my college graduation. My college graduation was nearly 20 years ago. I do not know anyone who was more excited than her.

I drove my grandmother from the the nursing home to my cousin's house where we were greeted by my aunt, other cousins, and some friends. Everyone was elated to see grandma. At the house, we had dinner, a champagne toast, and I brought grandma back to the nursing home.

One thing was bothering me about the ordeal and I couldn't get it out of my mind. Some families were visiting their loved ones, but there were others who seemed to be lonely. I could see the unhappiness on their faces. I could not imagine being in an institution during the holidays without family or friends to be there for me. Some of the residents of the nursing home were bedridden or wheel chair bound and I could tell that they were struggling with the holiday and maybe even every day. I decided to walk around the hallways to view a bit more of the scenery. I was deeply saddened how people can be warehoused and forgotten. It was a humbling experience.

The point of all of this is to open our eyes a little and not forget how much we have to be thankful for during this holiday season. I also believe that we should remember our loved ones, not just on the holidays, but year round.

I know there is much controversy regarding the origin of the holiday and what it means. If Thanksgiving means anything, it is about being thankful for those that we have in our lives. The point of the holiday is to come together and care for one another. Let us put aside our differences, for at least one day, and not forget those who are still around to share the day, as well as those who have passed. Ideally, Thanksgiving can become an everyday tradition.





Editor's Corner

By Jennifer Lawson

I’m excited about this month’s issue of The New Floridian. I’m pleased to announce that Nicolas Michaud has joined us as a Vlogger. Michaud comes to us with two Master Degrees and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. His research spans gender, disability, ethics and more. You can learn more about him on our About Us page and get a sneak peek by watching his TED Talk.

My motto for the upcoming New Year is this: If they don’t give you a seat at the table, create a new table.

That’s exactly what we’ve done here at The New Floridian.

This month, as the weather gets cooler (yes, it gets a tiny bit chilly here), we aim to bring you the best of Florida.

If you follow our blog (or follow us on Twitter or Facebook), you’ll have noticed I’ve done quite a bit of blogging recently. I enjoy writing and interacting with an audience and teasing apart concepts and arguments.

Settle in, grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy reading!