A Light in the Darkness: Why We Need Anna Eskamani in the Age of Trump

Anna Eskamani may not be your ordinary candidate. The Iranian-American running for Florida House District 47 has a long history of activism in the state. When I first met Eskamani, it was at the event Awake the State in Orlando in 2011. I was working as a Field Organizer for Working America at the time, knocking on over 100 doors a day in the Orlando area during the legislative session and just prior to the election of Barack Obama. I like to think my work advanced progressive policies in the state and nation. But I know Eskamani’s actions did.

So I always knew Eskamani as an activist. As she collected accolades over the ensuing years, it also became clear that political ambitions weren’t too far off. So, I admit, I was pleased when she announced she was running for Florida House District 47.

An unabashed Democrat, feminist and activist, Eskamani not only has street cred, she has a bold agenda. Putting her money where her mouth is, Eskamani isn’t afraid to take on the world in her own terms. As I look in dismay at the current president, I can’t help but smile when I think about Eskamani being in an official political position this time in history. Her knowledge, experience and audacious agenda are what folks like me—who have lived with true anxiety and horror due to the Trump administration—need.

2 thoughts on “A Light in the Darkness: Why We Need Anna Eskamani in the Age of Trump”

  1. Moving to Winter Garden in a few months – From Panama City Beach (otherwise known as Lower Alabama)

    Will become very politically active (not a useful enterprise in the Red Neck Riviera)

    Need some advise and introductions

  2. Hi Paul! Welcome to our blog and to the area! I’m Jennifer, Editor In Chief here.

    I’ve found Equality Florida a great organization to be a part of in the area. They are on the forefront of LGBTQ rights in Florida. You can like them on Facebook and get involved that way.

    You can also get involved with the Eskamani campaign. Go to AnnaForFlorida.com to sign up to volunteer or make a donation.

    I welcome comments from our readership on other organizations and things to be a part of in the Winter Garden area.

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