The New Floridian

The New Floridian is a Florida based online magazine with a global reach. We live in Florida, but are also citizens of the world.

At The New Floridian we aim to create informed, critical, educated and just media for, especially, residents of Florida.

Meet the Team

Jennifer Lawson


Jennifer Lawson attended Stetson University and the University of North Florida. Her writing has appeared in The Daytona Beach News Journal, Basic Income Earth Network and Ghost Parachute. She previously sat on the editorial committee of Al-mukhatabat Journal. A transplant from Texas, she has lived in Florida for over 20 years. Lawson lives openly with schizophrenia.

Deb Rivera

Senior Contributing Writer

Deb Rivera is a former professional dancer and has been employed in the dance/fitness field for 30 years. She is a certified dance, yoga, tai chi, and fitness instructor. She has a Doctorate in Health Sciences, a Master degree in Health & Wellness, and a BA in Arts (Dance Specialization). Her dissertation research has been published in the Journal of Music and Dance. Her articles on health/wellness have appeared in several magazines, including Anzzia. Dr. Deb is a native Floridian and is proud of her country roots. She gives God all the credit for her talent and successes.

Frank Grieco


Frank has resided in Florida for nearly two and a half decades. As a concerned citizen of Florida, he holds a firm belief that knowledge and honest and open communication can invigorate and empower individuals to make a positive impact in their community.

Frank's educational background includes a Master's in Public Administration and a Bachelors of Science in Economics.

J. B. Pravda


Born Brooklyn, NY, US Government Attorney during Watergate, when he 'Felt' uneasy about governments, and laws; later, public company CEO, lobbyist, now, multimedia artist, published produced playwright (paid royalties), columnist for leading magazines; a cancer survivor, he retired, on doctors orders, from business & lobbying; self-taught in visual arts, his paintings have been published & exhibited as well as included in a national touring exhibition as
well as several multimedia exhibitions in NY and other venues. Published diversity author via major university, winning Finalist in Stymie Magazine's 1st annual collector cards edition. Invitee, 2nd & 3rd Annual 'Slice' magazine Literary Writers Conference; Lifetime Guest Artist @ Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts via 2006 Playwriting Intensives (invitation only).

Nicolas Michaud


Nicolas has two Master’s degrees, one in philosophy and another in English. As a philosopher, Michaud is particularly interested in philosophy of education and completed his doctorate in educational leadership. His research areas also include disabilities studies, feminist theory, race and gender, and ethics. His recent dissertation addresses the question of post-secondary faculty roles and the tensions and ethical issues that arise between teaching and research.

Todd Winninger


Todd is a nearly 20 year resident of South Florida, and is a freelance writer
covering a variety of topics such as animals, grief and economics. Other writing
projects can be seen at

Academic credentials
include associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees in English and Economics.

Rhonda Newsome


Newsome is mother of five and a transplant from Michigan. She has worked as a CNA, a soap maker and and a metal-smith. You can follower her at

Tynyta Kizer


Tynyta Kizer is a 29 year old writer who is very passionate. She started out writing poetry at the age of 8 years old, and has had a love for writing ever since. Her writing style can be described as diverse and enthusiastic. Tynyta is also a lover of all things fashion. She is also a freelance songwriter. A native of Florida, Tynyta is always looking to use her writing talents to inspire others in some form or fashion.