America Is A Plutocracy (And Maybe Some Americans Like It That Way)

As I write this, we have a billionaire president who has stated he wants to hire other rich people. There is an assumption about these things: that money equals success and that people who are rich are more competent and better at certain things than people who have less money.

I, for one, question those assumptions.

There may be, if we look to the fact that people actually voted for Trump, widespread assumptions that people who have more money are more fit to rule. (And “rule” is a keyword here, given that Trump has also taken us into his fascist dreams.)

Not everyone thinks that way, however. Currently, it’s true in America that if you are born into wealth, you’re likely to stay in wealth and that if you are born poor, you are likely to stay in relative poverty. You can try to do things to get ahead and sometimes it works. But privilege is a real thing and inherited privilege is also a real thing. People who know this disagree that our government should be filled with rich (typically also straight, white) males.

I knew, despite the horrible, horrible things he has done that Trump would likely become president just because he has money.

In America, aren’t we supposed to be against those types of thinking? Do we not strive to be, at least when we parrot this talk, a democratic republic instead of what we actually are–a plutocracy?

Maybe we all need to question the assumptions we have about who is fit to be a public servant. And, perhaps, we should make it easier for people with lower income backgrounds to participate in politics and run for public office.

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