Barbie Has Always Been Political

Many people were thrilled when Barbie came out wearing a Love Wins tee shirt on Instagram. But Barbie has a long history of being political, if not an overt activist. True, this may be the first time she has come out to openly support a cause, but she has always been a symbol of politics.

If she weren’t such a symbol, there wouldn’t be discussion about her body type, which has come to change in recent years. There wouldn’t be debate about her choice of careers, the color of her skin and who she dates.

Barbie’s subdued political nature makes it hard for us to see it, but it’s always been there, lurking underneath the surface. As hard a Mattel may try, it’s nearly impossible to be apolitical. What we are seeing now is Barbie coming out as an overt activist for a progressive cause. And, hey, more power to her.

Activist Barbie

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