Basic Income: A Modern Solution to Today’s Problems?

If you’re unfamiliar with a Basic Income, the idea is simple: You get paid, usually an amount to cover basic needs, for doing nothing but being alive and being you. This could be a monthly installment of around $800.00 per month, as I’ve proposed elsewhere.

What would you do if you had an extra $800.00? Would you make art? Start a business? Make music? Buy your kids new or better school supplies? Donate to charity? Or perhaps quit your job and volunteer for a charity?

Whatever you would do, Basic Income is a topic de jour lately. Cities, states and even countries have entertained the idea of a Basic Income.

The idea of a Basic Income is even more pressing for today’s workers, as jobs become automated. More than ever, humans are being replaced by robots in the modern workplace.

But the idea of a Basic Income isn’t just a bandage fix to the modern problem of automation. This idea has been argued for intensely by anti-poverty advocates, feminists, and others.

And think about it: Aren’t we at a point in history when we don’t need to work—or, at least, put in all the hours we do at work? Isn’t it time that we let computers take over some tasks and relax, enjoy, take time for our friends, family and pet projects and make the world a better place?

Be honest: Isn’t it time for Basic Income?

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