Coping With The Aftermath Of A Shooting

I am lucky that I have a long-standing relationship with a counselor. If you don’t and are experiencing worry, stress, anxiety or negative emotions due to the recent events in Parkland, you may want to see a counselor.
I checked the American Counseling Association and here’s what they recommend in the aftermath of a mass shooting:
-Remember your self-care. After all, if someone else is unstable and needs help, you can’t help them if you are not caring for yourself.
-Pay attention to your emotional health. Be aware of your emotional states. You may experience a wide range of emotions. Remember that other people may be experiencing those emotions as well.
-Recognize that those around you may need extra support.
-Avoid overexposure to the media. Take breaks from the news.
-Maintain contact with friends and family. These are people who can provide you with emotional support. You can provide them with emotional support as well.
-Maintain your strength base. Focus on a rely on things that have relieved stress for you in the past.
-Talk to others as needed. You may want to confide in your close friends and family if you are struggling. If you experience acute symptoms, you may want to see a counselor.

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