Defend Whistleblowers in Florida Education by Dr. Reid Friedson

I taught at Stoneman Douglas. I warned Indian River State College (IRSC) about guns in a student’s trunk. Student also claimed she was having an affair with an IRSC professor.

I warned the IRSC Trustees about unfair labor practices and retaliation against adjunct professors who teach 75% of their classes and ask about health care with a full time teaching load. No response or mitigation.

I warned IRSC about personnel calling an adjunct a “pushy Jew.” IRSC and Florida DOE refuse to respond. I warned Florida Department of Education and IRSC Trustees of negligence and malpractice against whistleblowers in Florida education. IRSC’s malpractice defense and union busting law firms refuse to respond.

The Trustees of Indian River State College and officials at the Florida Department of Education including the Commissioner of Education must now resign. Florida Department of Education needs to be investigated by Justice.

I warned Justice on July 4, 2016 of corrupt racketeering by NRA backed Trump Ring including Rick Scott and Associates. Justice investigated. Sign and share People of Florida’s July 4, 2016 corrupt racketeering petition against RICO Scott and Associates. Thank you Rosenstein and Mueller. Bust the Trump Ring:

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