I Didn’t Raise My Daughter To Believe In Santa

Parenting is fraught with many dilemmas. When my daughter was little, I was hell-bent on truth-seeking. I wanted, in short, everything I said to absolutely true. Or, at least, I wanted it to be as close to truth-seeking as possible.

I also wanted my daughter to trust me and trust that I wouldn’t lie to her.

So, I decided to raise her not believing in Santa.

Each year, when other kids talked about Santa, we discussed it. She decided not to tell her friends and playmates that Santa wasn’t real.

Some people say I took the fun out of a holiday tradition. But now, my daughter really loves Christmastime. She grew up to celebrate holidays more than almost anyone I know.

What I do know is that I did develop a trusting relationship with my daughter. And I did spend most of my life seeking truth. Both of those, to me, are much more fun and valuable than teaching my daughter to believe in Santa.

What about you? Were you raised to believe in Santa? How did you feel when you found out he wasn’t real? Did you raise your children to believe in Santa? Let me know in comments.

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