I Don’t Call Trump A Fascist To Generate Outrage

Those of us who do media have to be careful about what we write. There’s been a lot of propaganda out there and there really has been fake news.

I studied political philosophy in graduate school. I may not be the best philosopher, but I somewhat know fascism when I see it—to the extent anyone can be aware of these things as they creep up on you. (Or, maybe, in Trump’s case, thrown in your face.) And Trump pretty much fits the bill.

There’s not anyone I know of in political philosophy who currently holds views he holds. We are all about justice—real justice. We are not about courting the KKK, siding with Putin’s interests or discounting FBI investigations. I, of course, do not speak for all political philosophers. I’m just telling you what I studied in political philosophy.

I read a lot during the election and experts on the topic predicted that Trump would lead us into fascism. I decided, like many people, to try not to normalize what was going on. And, as much as I can, I haven’t.

That’s me as a citizen and me as a writer. So, when I call Trump a fascist, I’m not trying to get anyone all upset. I’m just calling it like it is.


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