I’m Not “Moderate.” But I Detest that Extremes Get All the Attention.

Last night, as I was going to sleep, I was thinking about, well, writing. I often think about writing. That’s one of the many hats I wear. And I got to thinking about stories in the news for the day. All the news stories I saw that were being passed around and gaining attention were extreme stories.

It was Thanksgiving yesterday. So, you know, there were many stories about The Real Thanksgiving, how Native Americans think of it as a day of mourning, and that Thanksgiving is problematic and we shouldn’t celebrate it.

Trouble is, all the Native Americans I know (and I know a few) celebrate Thanksgiving like the rest on North America. Yet, their stories weren’t being told.

Then I started thinking about how we are such a polarized country. And part of it is because the media tends to extremes. Extremes gain attention.

Now, I consider myself more liberal than most. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to write an article that’s flaming-hot liberal just to gain attention. Because I’m also trained in philosophy and my philosophical background provides me (usually) with a sense that one should not even try to tug at people’s passions.

So, no. I’m not moderate. But I do hate that extremes get all the attention.

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