In 2018, We Can Invigorate Our Society

While some people are looking over the past year in dismay, I am thinking about the hope a new year has for us. I believe, with the solidarity of local communities, we can build something great in 2018.

I believe in truly grassroots movements—starting with the people—instead of top-down movements, which often favor large corporations.

With the formation of local support groups and communities, we can change our society for the better.

In recent months, I have become an advocate for a universal basic income (UBI), truly universal healthcare and a shorter workweek. There are many reasons for these moves. But, in the end, I believe that each of these are innovative ideas that should be tried in our country.

A UBI would alleviate extreme poverty, give women more equal standing, turn currently unpaid work into paid work, give us the option to work or not and to work less.

As things are right now, businesses are in the healthcare business, providing employees with various benefits (or not). How, a friend asked me, does it make sense for businesses to be administering healthcare benefits? In short, it doesn’t make sense. It only adds a burden to the business and unfairly favors people who have certain jobs.

A shorter workweek is something I discussed with another friend of mine. Right now, there are several countries that have a shorter workweek than we have in the U.S. And, often, those countries, which often also have universal healthcare, are better for business than the United States.

While some of us dreaded every moment of this past year, I look to the future with hope and with a renewed sense that wonderful things can happen. I encourage readers to share their unique and innovative ideas with me as I move forward in a spirit of inspiration.

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