Is Protesting Effective? Examples, Please.

They tell you not to be a slacktivist. They tell you to be an activist. So, I have been. I’ve written things about #NoDAPL. I’ve written about universal basic income.

A few months ago, however, I stepped even further into activist-land and helped organize a pretty decent protest. It wasn’t decent because of my doing. It was definitely the other people who set it up nicely. They did a lot of hard work and should be proud of their accomplishment.

I got there and took my place in the protest. I chanted, I rallied. But even while I was doing these things, the air fell from my wings. We were on TV, yes, but would that even matter? Did any of it matter? Did I just waste Earth-killing gas traveling to a protest that wasn’t even going to get us anywhere?

That was a few months ago. Since then, people are still protesting and making demands on the very issues I was protesting on. I know progress can be slow, but what if leaders just aren’t listening to the people? What if they just don’t care?

That’s how I feel now: that elected officials, who are supposed to work for us, do not even care about the issues we protest about. If true, it’s a sad state of affairs.

I have seen other protests come and go and I now have to ask whether protesting is an effective form of getting things done. I’m not proposing anything else. If this is what we have to do, so be it. I just worry that protesting isn’t effective these days.

So if you have examples of effective recent protests–protests that actually accomplished what they set out to do–let me know in comments.

2 thoughts on “Is Protesting Effective? Examples, Please.”

  1. Bernie’s entire campaign/movement, now continued via his Institute in VT, run by Jane and the women’s march begun by one woman in Hawaii………..Indivisible’s organizing/continuous.

    The key is to understand that we ceased to govern ourselves long ago and what we face is recreating our lost Republic—former Rep. Jolly, R of FL has a starting point: adopt the UK model—no paid TV allowed, only public service media.
    TV has occasioned this legal bribery to coopt U.S., so, as they’re public airwaves, we must reclaim them. Only possible via Bernie-style protest AS movement, continuous, not always in the street—in fact, no longer needed; rather, show up at town halls, always covered by media, then, keep it going.

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