Mental Health Is For Everyone

You don’t have to have a severe mental illness in order to be aware of and concerned with your mental health. It’s a myth that only people with severe mental disabilities–or people who are potentially dangerous, considering current debates about gun violence–need mental health care.

If you have a mind, you are at risk for developing some sort of mental illness or period of disturbance–such as after the loss of a loved one or after a divorce.

Mental health is for everyone.

That’s why, during current debates about mental health, we should be sure not to single out people such as mass shooters or those deemed “mentally defective.” If you’re reading this, you have a mind. And if you have a mind, you need to be aware of mental health.

I have been a mental health advocate for several years now. I got into it because I have a severe mental disability myself. However, after seeing counselors, going to get medications, and so forth, I have come to the awareness that everyone could benefit from self-help, counseling, and more.

Currently, the way our society is structured does not favor good mental health. We work too much. We eat the wrong things. We don’t go to counseling. All of these things affect mental health.

Focusing on people with severe mental disabilities when it comes to mental health is like saying only people with cancer need medical care. It’s certainly not true. If you have a body, you can get sick, even if it’s just a cold. Similarly, if you have a mind, you can have a mental disturbance, even if it’s just a period of maladjustment to a new environment.

As Florida aims to create more funding for mental health, let’s make sure that not only do people “at-risk” get the care they need. Let’s make sure we all do.

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