Mia Mingus on Forced Intimacy

As a disabled person, I often share–or feel I have to share–details of my life with people in order to get or keep basic access to the care I need. For example, I am on SSI. Sometimes, people on disability feel they need to demonstrate their disability to non-disabled people in order to keep their care. I have felt that way.

In addition, I just started working. Yes, you are allowed to work while on SSI. And I have tried to resist the urge to tell everyone that, yes, I have reported that I am working to SSA and that, no, I’m not committing fraud. I can only work due to the Medicaid I receive.

Which brings me to this fantastic piece by Mia Mingus on forced intimacy.

Non-disabled people usually don’t feel they have to disclose the state of their wellness, their income, their relationship with the government, or anything else. But disabled people often feel like they must. Sometimes, they are even forced to. Non-disabled people pry and prod. They often think people who have an “invisible” disability, like I do, are faking it, committing fraud, and are really just lazy people who want to “mooch off the government.”

Check out her piece!

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