Primer on Community Colleges (2018) by Dr. Reid Friedson

Let me help everyone understand community colleges since I have taught for them in Florida since 1996.

At last count, Indian River State College had 131 admin making over $100,000 a year. That’s more than the US Attorneys Office for our district. Governor Rick Scott appoints community college cronies, I mean Trustees, in Florida. Your taxes pay for this.

Meanwhile, IRSC adjunct professors who teach 75% of classes are paid starvation wages without health care as the College engages in retaliation and unfair labor practices against union organizers. The IRSC president’s cohort thinks he’s doing a great job.

Regional and state accreditors fail to mitigate and remedy violations. The College uses public funds to violate the rights of students, teachers, adjunct professors, and whistleblowers in Florida education. Guess what percentage of community college professors are on Food Stamps or are paid poverty level wages with massive student loan debt? Every college, school, community college, and university will be unionized until educators are treated with respect and that means a living wage and basic and equal constitutional and statutory protections for all members of college communities.

(Published with permission by Dr. Friedson.)

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