Rest to Resist

I spent a good deal of time this weekend simply resting. It’s true, I started a new job and launched a magazine recently. You’d think I’d be spending my time on top of things career wise. But I haven’t been. Not this weekend.

Rest is important. It’s really important. However, in 2017, it seems like people don’t value rest enough. And they certainly don’t think it can be a form of resistance.

I do think rest is important. And I think that by resting and caring for myself, I can resist better and come out stronger.

That’s one reason why I love Rest for Resistance. Rest for Resistance is a new-ish site is run by queer and trans people of color. And as someone with a mental illness, I’ve found their articles very helpful.

By resting, I can restore my mind. By resting, I my brain can heal. By resting, I can collect my thoughts. By resting, I resist.

I resist the thought that people need to be active and going 24/7. I resist the idea that my whole identity is tied up with work and my career. I resist the notion that to rest is to be lazy.

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