The Media’s Folly

I try–emphasis on try–to make media. I also try not to create fake news or propaganda. I don’t follow the regular news, in case you were wondering. I’ve become disenchanted, like many people, but perhaps not for the same reasons. I believe the media, including so-called liberal outlets like CNN, have been terribly compromised. That’s one reason why I decided to make my own media. So I’ve just learned about this story today.

It’s troubling that major media outlets, who have better and more means than I do to run a story, don’t fact-check and create sensationalized news stories.

How can we complain about the treatment of the media when the media often creates and propagates such stories?

The problem is real, too. Experts say that even when a false story has been discounted, corrected and clarified, people still believe the original story. That’s why it’s been very important for me to try to clear my news feed, etc., of known sources of fake news and propaganda. But the problem is worse when major news outlets run false stories.

Anyone who thinks there are ties between Trump and Russia ought to be upset about this. Anyone who worries, like I do, about the treatment of the media by Trump ought to also be worried about this. That’s why I’m writing this today.

While we worry about Trump’s treatment of the media, we must also hold the media–especially major media outlets–accountable for what they do.

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