The Paradox Of Trump’s Tweets

Trump has defended his use of Twitter, saying it’s the only way he can get his message across truthfully to society. I think he has other things in mind. For one, Twitter makes him more accessible to the public—a position that presidents don’t typically have.

This may appeal to people on the right, some of whom have been taken by Trump. But for others, it tends to reek of instability and incoherence—all the things that make up a tweet.

I purpose that while Trump may use Twitter in order to seem more accessible, it actually has a paradoxical effect. It makes him more like us. More, that is, less “presidential.” That’s the risk he takes every time he makes a tweet.

Unlike many people on the left, I don’t think Trump is stupid, incompetent or unstable. I think he uses social media strategically. It’s folks on the right who need to be aware of this because, often, his message is toward his base. In exactly the way a literal billionaire comes across as an “everyday man” on Twitter, just so can a con man get you to believe what he wants you to believe.

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