Trump’s Fascist Contest: Fighting Fear With Truth

This morning, those of us who are not banned from Trump’s Tweets got a surprise. He posed a contest to see which media outlets, barring FOX News, treats him the worst. The winner would get a Fake News trophy.

Trump’s Morning Tweet 11/27/2017

At The New Floridian, we have to ask why Trump takes such an issue with the media. The problems with various media are real—there were massive amounts of propaganda during the election, often favoring Trump. But why would Trump himself take to Twitter almost each day to attack the media?

Those who worry that Trump could lead us into rancid totalitarianism have legitimate fears these days. Many people do not know who to trust in the media, so they trust no one—except for various Tweets and Facebook posts, which may include the president’s.

Hannah Arendt discussed the problem of news when she studied the Holocaust. Arendt said that the rise of totalitarianism is marked by a sense among citizens that both everything and nothing is possible. That is, we both think that anything could be true, but we don’t really trust anyone.

The fear is that this is what is happening right now. And Trump isn’t helping. In fact, he’s making matters worse by constantly attacking legitimate journalism.

When we lose a sense of truth, when we don’t know who to believe in the media, we make it easy for a leader to rise to authoritarian power. That’s one of the reasons why The New Floridian was established—to generate pertinent, factual and well-researched articles for, especially, residents of Florida. How could this article, for example, be “fake news” when practically anyone can go on President Trump’s Twitter feed and see what he has posted, click our links, and verify our content?

At The New Floridian, we want you to question our thoughts, we want you to engage, we want your unique ideas. What we don’t want is for you to lose a sense that anything is true. In other words, we want you to cleave to the idea that truth is out there. That’s one of the biggest ways to fight fascism. Join us in seeking truth, knowing truth and believing in truth.

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