What If Churches Stayed Out Of Politics?

It’s Sunday morning. That means I’m getting ready for church.

I’ve been attending this church for about six months now and so far I have yet to hear any explicit political commentary from the pulpit.

I’m sure my pastor and I have political disagreements. I’m sure people at my church voted in a different way than I did. But there’s been no explicit political messages from the pulpit.

At first, it bothered me that the pastor didn’t say anything about, say, white supremacy after the incident in Charlottesville.

But I’ve gotten over that. Because I know my pastor privately reaches out to minorities in our congregation.

All in all, I think it may be best for the church to stay out of politics. Because, often and in the past, people have gotten their political messages from church, churchgoers and people who call themselves Christian and these messages have been to support backward and defunct policies. And, anyway, my pastor is trained in divinity. I’m the one trained, to the same level, in political philosophy. If anyone should be talking politics, it’s me.

I hope you have a great Sunday—whether and how you worship or not.

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