What If God Was One Of Us?

I give up. I’m breaking down. That’s right. I’m going to write about mental health–again. It’s the topic du jour, after all.

Alongside articles about gun violence and mental health, I keep seeing articles about perseverance, fortitude and mental strength. This made me reflect on our heroes and who we aspire to be in life.

So you want to talk mental health? Ok. What if Batman saw a counselor about the death of his parents? What if Superman took a self-care day? And don’t get me started on Harry Potter.

The idea of the rugged individual, who can do all things alone, is a terrible myth for many. And it is seen in our films, comics and other media–and sometimes even in our advice columns.

However, I recently read the book Boundaries, which I highly recommend. In that book–bare with me if you are a non-believer–it is argued that God himself has healthy boundaries and models them for us. Even God, then, on this account, practices good mental health. Why, then, do we have heroes in our media who do not practice good mental health? Why is practicing this not a sign of strength?
Another related thing I keep seeing is people who demand others to get treatment for mental illness, but who do not practice good mental health themselves. Want mentally healthier kids? Model this and go to counseling yourself.
At the end of the day, if you have a mind, you can get a mental illness or mental disturbance–whether it’s a severe, lifelong illness or a period of grief after the death of a loved one or a divorce. We all need to practice good mental health–even our heroes–because we all have minds. After all, how could Wonder Woman possibly do all she does without taking a mental health day?

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